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Seaside Family Medicine is excited to offer QBCheck, which is state of the art equipment used for the evaluation and treatment of ADHD in patients ages 6 to 60 years old. QBCheck is FDA approved and provides an accurate measure of the core symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


  1. What does QBCheck measure that regular symptom checklists do not?

    Symptom checklists, while an important part of the ADHD evaluation, are not very accurate and are subjective in nature. QBCheck objectively measures your ability to focus on a task and measures your body movements during the test. This helps the provider to determine if your symptoms are related to ADHD or something else.

  2. What does the test consist of? Does it hurt?

    QBCheck is non-invasive meaning it does not hurt. During the visit you will be placed in a quiet exam room and simply asked to play a game on the computer. The test takes 20-30 minutes.

  3. What happens with the results once I am done with the test?

    Results are available immediately. If you were referred by another provider the results will be sent to that provider. If the test was ordered by a Seaside Family Medicine provider, your provider will review the results of this test with you at a scheduled follow-up visit which may or may not be the same day as the test.

  4. Does my insurance cover this test? If not, how much does it cost?

    Currently no insurance plans cover this FDA approved evidence-based test. The test cost $150 and payment is required prior to completion of the test.

  5. How accurate is QBCheck?

    QBCheck’s accuracy has been confirmed in over 30 independent research studies.