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Seaside Family Medicine is proud to offer DOT Physical Exams. Our provider is an FMCSA certified medical examiner who follows the most current guidelines when completing DOT exams. Our DOT exams cost $85 with any follow-ups costing $35.

**Appointments recommended but walk-ins welcome for DOT exams**

What Does a DOT Exam Consist Of?

  1. Vision screening

  2. Hearing screening

  3. Blood pressure and pulse rate

  4. Urinalysis 

  5. Complete physical exam 

What Should I Bring to My Exam?

Once an appointment is made, we will email you the necessary paperwork you need to complete for the exam. We recommend that you have this filled out prior to coming to your visit.

You should also bring a complete list of medications including dosages. It is even more helpful if you bring all of your medications with you to the visit. 

Drivers with any pre-existing conditions such as hearing or vision problems should bring their glasses, contacts and/or hearing aids. 

If you have diabetes you must bring your most recent blood sugar lab results for the provider to review.

If you have heart-related issues, please bring a letter from your cardiologist describing your medical history and current medications. The cardiologist must also note if the current medications are safe to take when working.